Complete Strengths & Personality Analysis for a Lifetime of Success and Fulfilment!

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The Find Your Zone of Genius Workbook

Learn the qualities of a true strength and how to find yours. I wish I'd been taught this while I was growing up! It could have saved me years of struggle.

Discover how to translate your natural strengths into meaningful and purposeful work roles that give you long term career satisfaction and fulfilment, allowing you to be the best version of yourself.

The full B.A.N.K Personality Assessment

Discover your unique strengths and help your colleagues and clients discovers theirs too with the advanced B.A.N.K. assessment. Once you know your own personality 'code', you'll have a greater understanding of your own zone of genius — and of everyone you work with. Plus, you'll be able to make better choices and seek opportunities that lead to greater work satisfaction.

Handbook: Discover Your Strengths with B.A.N.K.

In this handbook, you'll find a description of each of the B.A.N.K personality types and the factors that drive their decision-making. You'll clearly understand the strengths (and the triggers and tripwires) for each type to better understand yourself and others. You'll know how to operate in your own zone of genius and how to help others do the same.

Here's what Alison said after discovering her zone of genius with these resources.

"I'm pleased to announce that today I start my new job as a Project Systems Analyst. I'm excited that I'm finally working in my zone of genius. Thank you Kate De Jong for the inspiration and tools to give it a go! I'm looking forward to the many new challenges ahead."

— Alison Dymond


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Meet Kate De Jong, founder of Inspired Business

Dr Kate De Jong is an expert business coach, marketer, author and motivational speaker who intimately understands (and shares) what it's like to juggle motherhood and entrepreneurship, whilst staying sane and enjoying the freedom and fulfilment of being your own boss.

Formerly a scientist and consulting engineer for more than fifteen years, Kate took the leap of faith in 2012 to quit her corporate career to start her own business — and has never looked back. Now she spends her days helping others to start and grow thriving businesses because she believes that entrepreneurship is a powerful vehicle to make a difference, doing what you love.

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